Posting Guidelines for Authors

When you sell product through nopModified you will be responsible for providing details about your product in the listing. Ultimately, you are responsible for the legality of your listing and nopModified cannot provide legal advice and the guidelines posted here are merely a suggestion to help you in defining your product. It is possible that your listing could be removed from nopModified if the listing violates site policy or is reported by an intellectual property owner.

Listing Content - Make it Yourself

Do not borrow listing details, images, or text from another listing within the site. Be sure to use images and text that you have the legal right to use either by license or self-creation. Make your listing names unique, do not copy from other existing listings. Above all, do not use work copyright by another user or company. Besides, you don't want to look like a copy-cat, right?

Use Accurate Descriptions

Provide users with an accurate representation of your extension or service. Providing true and accurate representation of your products will help avoid negative feedback, poor ratings, customer support headaches, and general bad will. Do your best to describe what the user is purchasing and provide images of the product such as screen shots where necessary.

Do Not Create New Listings for Existing Products

To ensure accuracy and fairness, authors are restricted from posting the same product under multiple listings. You may create new listings for new versions of an existing product if your license terms require the purchase of a separate license for each version release. Variations of the product such as multiple versions of a product based on license level may also constitute a new listing.

Restricted Content

Listings that use restricted content including material that could be offensive to other users is subject to immediate removal from nopModified. Continued disregard for these rules could lead to suspension of your Author account.

We want you to be creative and provide great content to help you sell your extensions, but beware that the following content is considered restricted:

  • Vulgar, obscene, or generally offensive text or images.
  • IFRAME Tags
  • Links to CSS Files
  • External Links to competitive selling sites other than a Demo page as necessary
  • Javascript
  • VB Script
  • Flash or any Movie Files
  • EMBED Tags
  • OBJECT Tags
  • r= (in URL's)

In general, be respectful of other authors, extensions, nopModified, and other community properties.

Reporting Abuse

Should you find another author is not following the posting guidelines or has infringed upon your copyrighted material, please report the abuse to us through our contact us page.  We will investigate and respond as necessary.