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As an author of plugins, themes, or services for nopCommerce you have likely run into the same hurdles we did before creating nopModified.   You need to sell your modifications online with international payment options and you need to have a licensing system.  Well, you've come to the right place.  We have both right here at nopModified.

Selling on nopModifed - Easy!

It’s easy to get started selling on nopModified.  Simply register as a user of nopModified and then use the Contact us page to request access as an “author”.  We’ll contact you to gather the required information and setup your author account.  Once you are setup, you will be able to create product listings and upload your extensions at will.  Of course, there’s some posting guidelines you’ll need to follow to ensure the integrity of the solutions offered on nopModified is not compromised.  And the best thing is, as a nopCommerce user and author, you should be very familiar with the backend administration of your author (vendor) account.  That's because here at nopModified, we eat our own dog food.

So, what's it cost?

We know that in order for our vision of nopModified to work we have to keep the costs down and ensure that the majority of the sale is returned to the author of the extension sold.  We want to make sure there is incentive enough to continue development for nopCommerce extensions while offering a robust system that can survive the test of time.  As we started looking at the other marketplaces out there we were astonished at what they charged.  In some cases, only 33% was actually going to the author if they didn’t sell exclusively through the marketplace.  And nearly all marketplaces started at 60% or less with a tiered system based on sales volume for exclusive sales.

Don’t get us wrong, we want to make money doing this too, but most of all we want this to be a fair and equitable system for all and we want to make sure the nopCommerce community stays strong.  We’re currently evaluating the costs of the payment processing, payouts, overhead, and support so we may have to change our rates in the future, but we’re proud to say that our current rate is 80% payout to the author.  Oh yeah, and there’s no crazy exclusivity restrictions!  We trust you’ll see value in selling through nopModified without us penalizing you for not doing so.

And to all those other crazy sites out there, we apologize for being upfront with our authors and doing things like simply posting the flat rate without exclusivity restrictions and without forcing them to sign up first.  In case you missed it - that's 80% back to the author, from first sale to last!  It's really refreshing to have nothing to hide.

What did I hear about a licensing module?

So, you develop plugins for nopCommerce and you want to earn money while ensuring that the users of your plugins actually paid for them?  So did we.  That's why we created the nopModified licensing module.  No, we can't guarantee it won't get hacked, but we can safely say it's the most robust licensing system available for nopCommerce.  Our licensing system uses a server based licensing solution.  The licensing module communicates with nopModified on a periodic basis to ensure that the license key is good for the given store domain.  If a license key is abused, we have the ability to reject that key at the server.  We are still working on a system for you to be able to review and run reports of the license keys in use, but for the time being, we'll provide a periodic report to you.

To begin using our licensing system, contact us for documentation after you've registerd as a user and been enabled as an author in our system.  You'll have all of our contact information by then.  We promise, it's extremely easy to use for both the developer and the consumer.

Licensing System Capabilities

The nopModified licensing system currently works only with plugins (let us know if you think themes also need this).  Some of the capabilities:

  • Trial period support with customizable time frames.
  • One time or periodic recurring fee licensing support.
  • Single domain, sub-domain, and multi-domain support.  Even multi-domain licensing is logged to the server for each domain so you'll continue to have visibility into the use of a particular license key.

Getting Paid on nopModified

When you post your extensions or services for sale on nopModified you will set the price for your extension or make it free ($0.00).  We do not set pricing, you have full control over what to charge for your extensions.  As your extensions sell, we will begin collecting funds for your extensions into your account.  We will run monthly sales totals for the prior month and make payment on the 15th of each month (or first business day afterwards) along with a report detailing all of your sales and the commission we withhold (currently 20%).

Any amount under $100 USD will be paid via the confirmed PayPal account of your choosing.  Amounts greater than $100 USD can be paid by either PayPal or bank transfer.  The option will be yours and will be setup as part of the author setup process.  There are certain situations that may require nopModified to withhold funds through a grace period, withhold funds entirely, or ask for funds to be returned.  Situations such as suspected or confirmed fraud, high levels of irregular activity that could be suspected of fraud, and high levels of sales on new accounts that have not yet established a pattern of goodwill.