About Us

Our company has been working with nopCommerce for a couple of years building a platform for our customers to easily setup an online ecommerce web site.  Throughout the years we’ve modified nopCommerce to our customer’s satisfaction and eventually began creating plugins and themes that we would use for multiple customer sites.  It was only natural that we would migrate to selling some of those plugins to other nopCommerce providers.  And then we realized that in order to do so we needed two things; a website to sell those plugins that could accept international payments, and a licensing system.

As we started to put both together we realized that all nopCommerce developers were going through this same thing.  And then, even more concerning, we began to ask, “Were these two hurdles actually preventing software developers from using and extending nopCommerce?”.  In order to grow the nopCommerce community we need talented developers willing to work with nopCommerce.

We also had trouble as consumers of nopCommerce extensions.  With developers scattered all over the globe and plugin websites being up one day and down the next, we had a heck of a time finding good, reputable extensions for nopCommerce.  There had to be a better way to find and purchase extensions to nopCommerce.

And so, nopModified was born.  With nopModified we offer a centralized marketplace dedicated to nopCommerce plugins, themes, and services and as an added benefit, we would give away our licensing system to any author selling their plugins through nopModified.  This solved the hurdles we ourselves had to overcome as authors and consumers of nopCommerce extensions.

We hope you agree that nopModified helps build a stronger community around nopCommerce and offers a fair and equitable solution to both the buying and selling of nopCommerce extensions.

- The nopModified Team