SearchRank 3.00

Customize search results with enhanced search ranking.
Author: 775 Technology

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The SearchRank plugin for nopCommerce 3.00 completely overhauls the default nopCommerce search, giving you additional performance, better more accurate search results, and full control to fine tune your searches to get products to show up in the order that you want.  SearchRank adds new functionality including searching against a greater number of tables and columns, and a comprehensive search configuration.

Whether you have access to FullText indexing or not, SearchRank will benefit you.  By using our multipliers, additional field searching, and values, you can deliver a better experience for your customers, and increase profits by giving users access to the products they are trying to find with minimal effort.  Even if you do not have FullText indexing enabled, SearchRank will search against each individual keyword in a users’ search against the database tables (something stock nopCommerce will not do).

Products specifications
nopCommerce Version 3.0